You may be interested in how Peachy Willows was first founded?

Well, my Grandmother gave me her box of buttons! I’m sure every household used to have one of those back in the day! At the time I didn’t have a clue what to do with such a unique box of treasure, then I couldn’t even sew a button a shirt, (let alone make cushions and bunting which I’m sure I could do in my sleep now) but I couldn’t just throw them away as she was a seamstress by trade, so it seemed important to keep the buttons for something important. So i popped on my thinking cap and decided that now was the ideal time to teach myself how to sew properly and give these buttons the send off they deserved, and thus, Peachy Willows was born!

I started out in a small room in my house, but quickly found there was simply not enough space, so we converted the upstairs of our garage into a fully functional studio space as were growing in popularity fairly rapidly and buttons were taking over every surface in the house!

We’ve made many friends along this journey, both fellow craftswomen and customers alike and we hope that that circle of likeminded peers will continue to grow as we do!