DESIGN - Sterling Silver Heart Locket necklace with 18 sterling silver chain.SIZE - Locket Weight: 5.3g, Locket Dimensions: 25mm x 25mmFAMILY LOCKET - This locket has 4 photo windows inside with plastic protectors.BOX - This locket necklace has a presentation gift box included.GIFT - A perfect gift with elegant packaging. Ideal for Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers day, Anniversaries and weddings.

How to Put a Picture in a Silver Locket

Transferring a photo to a silver locket can be a little tricky, as the shape of the photo needs to match the locket dimensions. However, there are some smart solutions that are simple to implement, such as making a tracing paper template.

Using Tracing Paper

1 Open the locket. Lay it flat with the open side facing you.

2 Place a piece of tracing paper over the photo recess. The inside of the locket should have a slight recess meant to hold the photo in place. Lay a piece of tracing paper over the locket so you can see the recessed part through the paper. If you don't have tracing paper, you can use tissue paper or any thin paper you can see through.

3. Use a pencil to trace around the recess. Then use this template to circle the back of the photograph you want use.

4. Cut the photo according to the template then place into the silver locket.

NOTE: The plastic window can be a little delicate and difficult to open. Use a small tool such as a toothpick or tweezers.


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Sterling Silver Swirls Heart Shaped Family Locket with 18 Chain Space for 4 Photos FLMRPBKTW

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Sterling Silver Swirls Heart Shaped Family Locket with 18 Chain Space for 4 Photos FLMRPBKTW

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